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What are the benefits of purchasing the Infinity Pack?


There are 4 main benefits of being an Infinity Member.

  1. The Night Cream Infinity Pack starts with 10 bottles of Laurel Rose Night Cream. Each bottle has a $100 retail value. This Infinity Pack is valued at $800-$1,000 but sells for $350.
  2. Unlimited Inventory - You earn Infinity Product Points on all your customers first (shipped) order. That also includes referral from your customers. These points can be used to shop for products in your Business Center (This feature goes live at the end of January). You have been earning these points since you became an Infinity Member. These products can be used for personal use, samples to gain more customers or to sell directly to customers (see below “Already Received” button). Additionally, you earn 160 points every time you personally enroll a Rep that signs-up with an Infinity Pack.
  3. Already Received button - Only Infinity Members will have the “Already Received” button on their referral website. This allows them to sell any inventory they purchased or received for free directly to customers for 100% commissions. Whatever product cost the customer paid you receive 100%. If they pay $100 for retail then you receive $100. If they pay $80 to set up an autoship then you receive $80. Customers will be charged tax but not shipping. (This feature goes live the end of January)
  4. Half Volume for Rank Requirements - Members get a 50% volume qualification requirement reduction on all ranks after Star Rep. Making it substantially easier to rank up and maintain that rank.


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